About Palmer Place

Hi, my name is Sarah Rees and I am the owner and creator of Palmer Place Boutique and Blog. Palmer Place was created for women that want to be a part of a community that encourages and empowers others! Palmer Place will be a platform that women can talk about the fun things AND the hard things. My hope is that it will be a light in dark places.

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More about me:

I started at University of Missouri as a journalism student, but my junior year decided to pursue a degree in merchandising and marketing. From there, I moved to Dallas, Texas chasing my dreams in the retail industry, working a corporate job for a large retailer as an analyst. Eventually, I decided to move back to Missouri and marry my husband, Elgin. We planted our roots at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and I found a job (with a 3 hour roundtrip commute!!!) as a buyer for another huge national retailer. To me, the commute was worth it if it meant I was pursuing my dreams!

Then 2020.

After working as a buyer for a couple of years, during March 2020 I started working from home. I realized how much of my life I was missing out on. Time that should’ve been spent with friends and family were spent on the interstate surrounded by strangers.

That revelation, among many other factors (more on that later) were the reasons behind Palmer Place. I decided to combine my passion of writing and fashion and cultivate what I truly love- a community of women.

Please check out my blog “For a Greater Purpose: The Passion Behind Palmer Place”

What Palmer Place Stands For
  • Cultivating a community of women
  • Encouraging women in the good times and the bad
  • Being a light in the dark
  • LOVING first