Women Supporting Women: The Small Things Count

As the owner of Palmer, my heart has been yearning to cultivate a community of women that encourage each other and never settle for the world’s standards of competition, but instead grow stronger together. Throughout the past 6 months of starting Palmer, I have been incredibly grateful that God has placed women in my life that are the perfect examples of what this type of community looks like.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to reflect and better understand how we can adopt this mindset through the lens of the women behind Palmer. The next few weeks I will be sharing the outlook of the beautiful women you see in the pictures of Palmer and let them express exactly what supporting and empowering other women looks from their view.

The first question I asked the women of Palmer to answer was “How do you try to encourage other women?”. It was telling, that most of the answers revealed that we all struggle with insecurities and vulnerabilities and even the smallest compliments can help spread love and confidence.

Landree expressed the current role social media plays in our lives and how it can easily be overshadowed with a comparative narrative OR it can be a tool we utilize to lift each other up. Even through social media we can give compliments to women and brighten their day! Let them know they ARE enough. It is small compliments that give just a little boost of confidence and it is those small words of encouragement over time that lead to lasting impacts and allow women to share their hearts and build true relationships.

Brittany touched on a topic that is vital to living life to the fullest- GRACE. Especially as women, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to keep up the appearance that “we have it all together” or the need to be perfect. The strongest relationships come from sharing struggles and vulnerabilities with other women and let them know they are NOT alone. As Brittany puts it- we should meet each other exactly where we are at. We can start by validating others and giving them grace for shortcomings and loving each other through the brokenness because that is were beauty is born.

Something is to be said about vulnerability. Both Courtney and Whitney share that they try to encourage other women by relating to them and sharing their struggles. Sometimes just breaking through the walls of insecurities can lead to a world of confidence.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echos are truly endless”- Mother Theresa

Lainey and Shelby both agree that even the smallest compliments can change a person’s day. You know that pair of jeans you always wear because you receive compliments every time you do? Thanks to all the women that share those kind words and lift each other up! Next time you think something positive about someone let’s make a vow to speak it! Let us throw genuine compliments around like confetti and the world will be a much brighter place!

Last but not least, I think all women would agree it is encouraging to just listen to other women and be a true friend. We all need to know what is like to have people that truly want us to succeed!

My hope for Palmer is keep building a community of women that can spread this kindness. I hope that every woman that I meet feels encouraged and confident in WHO they are and know that WHERE they are is exactly the place God intended.

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