My Experience With the 75 Hard Challenge

My Experience With the 75 Hard Challenge

Chances are if you spend much time on social media you’ve been hearing the buzz about the whole “75 Hard Challenge”. In a nutshell, the 75 Hard challenge consists of 5 simple, yet not easy, rules.

  • Drink a Gallon of water a day
  • Follow a diet (of your choice) – ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL
  • Two 45 minute workouts a day- one MUST be outside
  • Progress pic
  • Read 10 pages of self-development (non-fiction book)

You MUST complete all these tasks EVERY SINGLE DAY or you must start from day one. NO ifs ands or buts about it! Andy Frisella, the creator of 75 Hard makes it VERY clear you cannot make an excuse on any of these. Sound intense? Yes, because it is.

Initially, when I started hearing rumblings of the challenge I thought the same thing as many of you are thinking right now- “I could do it if I wanted to, but where is the moderation?” Valid point. No way would I give up chocolate and wine for 75 days, I mean we only live once, but for some reason, I kept coming back to the challenge.

The past 9 months I have been on an endeavor to transform my mind. Through faith, business, community I have been working to cultivate the life I have always wanted. Yet, every Monday I would feel a little discouraged from the weekend before that alcohol still had a grip on my life. I knew over-indulging every week was still holding me back from a spiritual life I desired.

While sipping on pina coladas on the beach in Mexico, my sister-in-law and I briefly discussed 75 Hard Challenge. Contemplating taking on the challenge, we both decided we were not ready to commit 75 days without pina coladas or margaritas. As I returned from the trip I started researching it again. One moment telling myself I was going to start, 5 minutes later saying I just need to live in moderation. Instead of starting it on a whim and failing once again I decided to pray about it. I felt convicted about drinking too much every single week and I asked God to open my eyes in this area.

A week later my sister-in-law texted me “Would you want to do 75 Hard?”. That was my sign.

We began on the coldest week of the year. This is important to note because my first week of outdoor “workouts” consisted of walks in windchill of -17 degrees. WHAT A BLAST!

I think enduring these rough days trudging in the snow helped to motivate me on days I did not want to keep going. I pushed myself through that. It had to be for something!


I have to say I slightly disagree with this rule. SURE…128oz might be good for a 200+ pound man, but is that the right amount for a woman? I’ll be the first to admit how incredibly important water is to your overall health and metabolism. Before the challenge I probably drank around 90oz a day. Adding in the extra 30 ounces of water definitely took its toll on me for a period of time. There were several days that I would finish drinking my water and then suddenly my mouth would become completely dry like I was very dehydrated. I also had other symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance. I started adding in electrolytes which definitely helped relieve me of these symptoms.

Also, for the first month I was RIDICULOUSLY bloated with terrible stomach pains from drinking so much water. Eventually it leveled out. All in all, water is VITAL to health, but listening to your body is not a bad thing either.


One thing I do like about this particular rule is that it is not a specific diet, but instead it is your choice. I am huge believer that there is no specific foods or eating plans that work for everyone. Every body is so unique and different, it is our responsibility to figure out what foods fuel us to optimal levels.

I’ve done keto, paleo, Whole30, grain free, dairy free, you name it! I knew I wanted to do something sustainable that would help me make better choices. I chose a “gluten-free” diet. I completely understand gluten-free does not mean “healthy”, but it did keep me from going for the cookies and sweet treats at the numerous events I attended. I also chose not to have added sugar- so no chocolate for 75 days. I am still shocked I completed that one!


Now this is probably the most challenging part. Coming from an avid worker-outer, the workouts were not the hard part for me, the time management was the HARD part. Walking in the snow and rain was the HARD part.

While there were days I had obligations from 7am to 10pm, I would drag my butt out of bed at 4am and get my workouts done. One of the rules is that there must be 2-3 hours in between workouts. In my opinion, that is the most arbitrary ridiculous rule of the whole challenge. I understand they must be two SEPARATE workouts, but if I am getting my butt out of bed at 4am to get them both done then please tell me how that isn’t discipline?

I have to admit that I am in a very flexible time in my life and my ability to complete these workouts is much easier than it is for other people. I work from home, make my own schedule and do not have children yet. BUT, my sister-in-law has 3 young children and a full time job and completed because she made it a priority, more on that later!


Simple, take a mirror pic every morning before getting dressed. This is just for your own benefit of seeing progress. I found it annoying that my phone was full of ugly mirror pics of me half awake, but I will say there were a few days I felt discouraged- I would look back and realize how much progress I made!


I loved this part of the challenge. I had been devoting time to reading before the challenge, but this just made me more consistent.

I completed several books including- “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, “It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” by Lysa TurKeurst “In the Presence of my Enemies” by Gracia Burnham and “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight.

I began the challenge as a mental and spiritual challenge more than a physical one so this task really helped me take the time I needed to do this.


I believe life should be enjoyed, but I also know that stepping out of your comfort zone, practicing discipline and pushing your limits is where the biggest growth happens. I do not want to go through life feeling like every year that passes I am the same as I was the year before. The biggest regret I could ever have is never persisting to change for the better.

I thrive from challenge. I am learning how to channel that never-ending need to be challenged into productive ways such as business, workouts and things like 75 hard. I believe so many people thrive from challenges too, but instead of using it for their benefit we tend to get stuck in the chaotic cycles of life that leave us exactly where we were before.

If 75 hard is something you want to commit to then do it full-heartedly, there are NO shortcuts or excuses. Many people say they do not have time. As I mentioned earlier, I watched Rachel complete the challenge while taking care of 3 young children, working full time, getting her masters degree, and coaching volleyball. You think you don’t have time? Last time I checked, you had the same 24 hours in a day that she has. The difference is she utilized time management and prioritized. This meant some days she did not check social media or watch Netflix. Imagine that.

I do not mean to come of uncompassionate to the roadblocks life brings, but health is important. Stop making excuses or cutting corners. Do what’s best for you in this season of your life for both your mental and physical health. This looks different for everyone! What is important is that you show up for yourself, not tomorrow, not starting on Monday. RIGHT NOW.

Metamorphosis: Transformation That is More Than the Physical

This post was written by Victoriah Knarr.

Transformation suggests a comprehensive change that has both a definitive and measurable beginning and ending.  When we hear someone has “transformed” his or her life in any way, the expectation is that the work is finished and the lessons learned, while helpful in the moment, will be forgotten.  I would counter that true transformation is a journey and the learning never quite ends.  Whereas a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly but once in its lifetime, we as humans have the unique opportunity to change, grow, and transform at any given moment.  The ability is within all of us — within, not outside.  Others may be able to assist you, motivate you to change certain aspects of your life, give you tips and tricks that have helped them, validate, or maybe even inspire you, but it is entirely up to you to dive into yourself to find the “what” and the “why” that will drive you to change the parts of yourself that leave you craving improvement.  True transformation cannot be driven by external factors.  Comparison, jealousy, and judgement, while they may fuel your work at times, will never produce the results you desire.  A loved one pushing you to lose weight or to see a therapist is not going to produce enough power within you to push you where you need to be, and the work you do will primarily take place within your own mind.  That is where your power lies.

When I began my health journey, I started from scratch with the belief that self-hatred, cruelty, and outright bullying myself into submission would propel me to the body of my dreams. Armed with the belief that once I reached this goal of physical perfection, all of my problems would magically disappear and I would be free to live the life I had envisioned for myself; I started crushing weight loss and fitness goals. Things such as fasting, cutting carbs, restricting food intake, overworking my body, and grasping for control in all areas were on my daily list, and instead of celebrating my wins, I berated myself as motivation to keep moving forward.  After losing roughly 50 pounds, I hit a plateau.  I couldn’t understand why, but my instinct, naturally, was to tear myself apart instead of celebrating how far I had come.  I fell into a shame spiral, which felt  similar to the shame spirals I found myself in prior to losing any weight after binge eating chocolate chip cookies or not moving from my couch for days at a time. It was around this time I discovered the actual concepts I needed to master if I aspired to achieve my goal of “total health.”

Self-love was the beginning of my actual transformation.  Learning this, when I was used to castigating myself, was the most difficult lesson I had been presented with and one that I am still learning today.  Offering myself grace, compassion, and rest were more difficult than losing a significant amount of weight or working up to running my first half marathon.  Conscious eating, setting boundaries, meditation, inner child work, gratitude practice, and spending time in nature did more to enhance my health than any diet or exercise program ever could.  It was when I began looking at the total picture of health that I discovered so much of what makes us healthy begins and ends in the mind.  This is where I could focus my attention.  This is where I could build from.

This newfound mindset catapulted me past most of the physical goals I set for myself; this newfound mindset helped me truly like myself for who I was and what I had to offer the world.  I began to perceive my self-worth had nothing to do with my physical body; but, in discovering my own worth, my physical body began to represent what was happening in my mind. 

Incorporating daily movement in forms I enjoyed and choosing foods that both nourished my body and tasted delicious encouraged me to take on movement and nutrition as characteristics of myself.  I shifted my mindset from working toward a goal to incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes that would support my mental and physical health. I embraced the process over perfection, and my body became a reflection.

After losing roughly 80 pounds, my transformation is largely visible in my outward appearance; however, I would argue that much of my transformation took place and continues to occur in my mind. The opportunity for growth is a gift that we are presented each morning when we open our eyes.  What we do with this opportunity is entirely up to us, but I can tell you from experience, the work we do is worth every bit of our time and attention and the results will be invaluable.

Victoriah in 2019
Victoriah in 2021
Victoriah May 2021

Huge thank you to Victoriah for shedding some light and vulnerability into her experience and continuous journey into physical and mental health.

Content in All Seasons

Content in All Seasons

Have you ever thought about what a life of being truly content looks and feels like? Somewhere in between refusing to settle for mediocrity and learning to be grateful for what you have, the meaning of contentment can become quite disoriented.

I always believed that being content just was a way to settle for an average life and never push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve great things. I have come to realize that even the most disciplined, ambitious people can be content if their heart is the right place. Content is very different from complacency.

I had a conversation recently with my sister-in-law, Rachel, about what it means to be content in this very season of our lives. The fulfillment that we are both experiencing lately cannot just be a coincidence could it? We have both completed 60 days of the 75 hard program and tested our mental and physical strength, but it is so much more than the “challenge”. I have to believe that the joy we are experiencing is a byproduct of the time we have spent focusing on our faith in God these past 60+ days.

In the past, I have always seen a finish line.

“When I am done with 75 Hard I will be happy.”

“When I lose 10LBS I will be happy.”

“When I have a new house I will be happy.”

My heart constantly searches for the next stage in life, without taking the time to appreciate exactly where God has placed me right NOW. This means I have wasted so many moments that I could have been serving others, but I felt that I wasn’t “ready”. I have come to terms with the fact I will never be “ready”. I must start living NOW. This begins with being content in my circumstances.

I know it is easy for me to say this now as I am loving this season of life. But what happens when the next trial comes. Because it will. What happens when pregnancy doesn’t come easy? What happens when business isn’t paying the bills? What happens when the children I prayed for are pushing every limit I have? Will I be content?

Truth is, I know I will struggle with contentment because I always have. It is easier for me to want the next challenge or pursue more. I believe in the moments when we are searching for more, God has a funny way of taking away all of those things so you can realize your need for him. I have lived this. I have pursued my “happiness” of worldly things and in the end had nothing left but dust from the storm I had created. Through these trials, I am learning to be content in just knowing I have God’s grace from this day forward.

If you are struggling to be content in this season of your life, my prayer for you is that you set a little time aside to spend on your faith. Maybe this means music, prayer, journaling, reading, etc.

Your perspective can be changed. You can be content in all circumstances.

What Being “Healthy” Looks Like to Women

What Being “Healthy” Looks Like to Women

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, I wanted to bring to light a few healthy habits the women of Palmer find important in their daily routines. There is no cookie cutter explanation on what healthy habits YOU should incorporate, nor is there a one-size-fits-all explanation to pursuing an optimal life . When talking about habits, you have to find what works in this specific season of your life and embrace it! These healthy habits are what works for women in many different places and phases of their life.

Prayer and Daily Devotionals

Brittany and Shelby both agreed that spending time focusing on something greater than yourself can actually be beneficial to cultivating strength and tenacity. In a world where it is accepted to focus on YOUR needs and wants at all times, that mindset can actually lead to more chaos. Spending time in prayer and daily devotionals can put life into perspective and be a vital tool in starting your day with a healthy and positive mindset.

Staying active and treating your body right

This is a no-brainer right?! When we think of healthy we automatically think of hitting the gym and eating veggies. BUT, working out and fueling your body is so much more than that! When you feel better, you have so much more to give to the world. I have been the girl that hit the gym 2 hours a day because I knew swimsuit season was around the corner. I have been the girl that watched all the carbs she ate because she saw on YouTube that’s how you get a six-pack. I am here to tell you that a life full of unrealistic expectations and pursuing vanity is one that is neither healthy or fulfilling.

Find a workout you love because it makes you FEEL better! Fuel your body with food for the purpose of mental clarity and longevity! If we can start to pivot the idea of staying active and eating healthy into a lifestyle we will be shocked at the domino effect it carries to the other areas of our life.

Taking time for YOU

I think we could all agree that if you do not take the time to take care of YOU, how can you possibly be the best version of yourself and serve those around you? I believe there is a difference between being selfish and taking the time you need to decompress so in return you can be fully attentive and compassionate to those around you!

Healthy habits look different for all of us. What worked for you in the past may not work in this stage of your life. Find what fulfills YOU and never stop pursuing a better version of yourself.

Women Supporting Women: The Small Things Count

Women Supporting Women: The Small Things Count

As the owner of Palmer, my heart has been yearning to cultivate a community of women that encourage each other and never settle for the world’s standards of competition, but instead grow stronger together. Throughout the past 6 months of starting Palmer, I have been incredibly grateful that God has placed women in my life that are the perfect examples of what this type of community looks like.

In honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to reflect and better understand how we can adopt this mindset through the lens of the women behind Palmer. The next few weeks I will be sharing the outlook of the beautiful women you see in the pictures of Palmer and let them express exactly what supporting and empowering other women looks from their view.

The first question I asked the women of Palmer to answer was “How do you try to encourage other women?”. It was telling, that most of the answers revealed that we all struggle with insecurities and vulnerabilities and even the smallest compliments can help spread love and confidence.

Landree expressed the current role social media plays in our lives and how it can easily be overshadowed with a comparative narrative OR it can be a tool we utilize to lift each other up. Even through social media we can give compliments to women and brighten their day! Let them know they ARE enough. It is small compliments that give just a little boost of confidence and it is those small words of encouragement over time that lead to lasting impacts and allow women to share their hearts and build true relationships.

Brittany touched on a topic that is vital to living life to the fullest- GRACE. Especially as women, we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to keep up the appearance that “we have it all together” or the need to be perfect. The strongest relationships come from sharing struggles and vulnerabilities with other women and let them know they are NOT alone. As Brittany puts it- we should meet each other exactly where we are at. We can start by validating others and giving them grace for shortcomings and loving each other through the brokenness because that is were beauty is born.

Something is to be said about vulnerability. Both Courtney and Whitney share that they try to encourage other women by relating to them and sharing their struggles. Sometimes just breaking through the walls of insecurities can lead to a world of confidence.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echos are truly endless”- Mother Theresa

Lainey and Shelby both agree that even the smallest compliments can change a person’s day. You know that pair of jeans you always wear because you receive compliments every time you do? Thanks to all the women that share those kind words and lift each other up! Next time you think something positive about someone let’s make a vow to speak it! Let us throw genuine compliments around like confetti and the world will be a much brighter place!

Last but not least, I think all women would agree it is encouraging to just listen to other women and be a true friend. We all need to know what is like to have people that truly want us to succeed!

My hope for Palmer is keep building a community of women that can spread this kindness. I hope that every woman that I meet feels encouraged and confident in WHO they are and know that WHERE they are is exactly the place God intended.

Learning to Love the Process

Learning to Love the Process

Goals. We all have them, but how often do we achieve them?

We get lost in the process of the mundane and monotonous. We pursue the goal full force for a couple of weeks, or if we are really passionate, maybe a couple of months before the whole process starts to lose its appeal. I say “we”, only because I am speaking of myself and believe that I am not alone in the never ending cycle of goal setting and then quitting to only feel like a failure.

Time and time again I have started new programs that will “change my life in 12 weeks”, or “make 6 figures in 6 months”. I have found myself believing that I do not have the discipline that other people have. Wondering if I am just not mentally tough enough. Leaving me worse off than I was before.

The problem with goals is that we think that when we reach certain goals, we will then be fulfilled and happy. Yes, goals can bring fulfillment, but the high is only temporary. Lately, I am trying to learn what it means to find fulfillment in the process. The process is the grunt work. The process is the 5am alarm. The process is saying no to that 2nd drink. The process consists of the ordinary that will lead to extraordinary.

These past few months, I have made some “minor” changes in my life. In just 7 months, these minor changes have led to MAJOR results. This IS the process. First I started by, reading every morning before looking at social media. I have to admit, I believed I would keep this pattern up for maybe a month or two before I gave in and chose Instagram at 6am instead, but here I am nearly 20 books deep. After a month, I added gratitude journaling and prayer to my morning routine. WOW. Who knew 5 minutes of my day could make the biggest difference to my all around life? This past month, I have added celery juicing into my morning routine. Jury is still out on if this will continue to be a vital part of my day.

I did not realize that making these small incremental changes could lead to such big results in my mental and even physical health. My life is in a much different place because of these changes. What is even crazier, is that I truly LOVE this time I get to spend in the morning with these small habits. Mainly because it is time to reflect and learn, but also because I know that in one year from now I will have something to show for it.

I recently (11 days in) started the 75 Hard Challenge. Without the discipline I’ve gained from my morning routine, I would have never believed I would have the persistence to even start. Which proves to me that even the smallest steps help you to gain momentum. I am excited to dig in deep throughout these 75 days because I think it will build endurance and show that consistency is key to seeing results. Now don’t get me wrong, 75 days is temporary, but my intention for the challenge is to focus on being present in that day and learning to love the process and not just counting down the days to reach my goal.

Everyday you take small steps and persevere in your process you will learn, grow, create, expand, cultivate and ultimately reach your goals.

Goals are temporary, the process is for life.

First Trip to Dallas Market

First Trip to Dallas Market

Navigating Dallas traffic, touching endless amounts of textures, color palettes galore, cultivating new vendor relationships and getting 20K steps a day… this is just scratching the surface of what a week at Dallas Market entails.

Nearly my whole life I have desired to experience market as a boutique owner. I have wanted to see the trends, feel the clothes, meet the vendors and be proud that I own a business. Finally, this dream came to fruition in January of 2021.

My mom and I loaded up and made the 7.5 hour drive from Missouri to Dallas. Being a former Dallas resident, this trip was nothing I hadn’t endured countless times. I felt so fortunate to have my mom by my side to encourage me. Thanks to Instagram, I had made a connection with another new online boutique owner in southern Missouri- London Johnson, owner of Copper Coins. London killed the Air BNB game and found the perfect little spot downtown with high ceilings, wood floors, large windows and a nice view of the city skyline. THANKS LONDON:)

I would definitely recommend your first time to market, reaching out to someone that has been before and knows the layout. The little things like knowing where to park, what door to enter, and where to check in make a huge difference. Thanks to London (again), she had previously worked on the vendor side and market so she had lots of tricks and tips! In exchange, I drove us through the chaotic downtown traffic to market every morning. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip was getting to spend time with another boutique owner!

After checking in, you will navigate the random hallways and escalators and then you will arrive on the floor with hundreds of vendors. Each vendor has there own little “store” set up. You can definitely pick up on the vibes of each vendor just by the manikins and color schemes. I found myself gravitating to neutral color palettes with pops of subtle prints and colors scattered throughout.

Day ONE:

The first day, I tried to visit as many vendors as possible. This will definitely be the longest, most exhausting day. Instead of placing purchase orders on day one, I took pictures and notes of everything I was interested in. This way I could make sure I am not getting duplicates, over spending, and keeping my assortment to what in line with my vision for the upcoming season. As a new boutique owner, especially online, it is vital I keep my assortment and budget in check.

After leaving market, my mom and I cozied up on the couch of our Air BNB, ordered takeout, flipped on Gilmore Girls and I got to work! That night I arranged my pictures on my iPhone in folders by vendor. Then I made an Excel spreadsheet with pricing and styles. From there I was able to cutout similar items, evaluate pricing, and narrow down my assortment. My past experience as a buyer for 160+ stores truly helped me to feel confident with ends and outs of retail finances and assortments. One day I hope to past this knowledge and experience on to others.

Day TWO:

After finalizing my assortment the night before, I made notes on exactly what I was going to purchase and in which order I wanted to visit those vendors. I started with the largest purchases first.

The first order on the second day was thrilling and terrifying all at once. Face-to-face transactions legitimize the amount of money you are spending vs online shopping.

There were definitely, a few styles I missed on day one that I added to my purchases. For this reason, it is important to make sure you keep some flexibility in your budget and leave a few extra dollars for those fill in pieces.

I had planned to go back to market for a third day, but honestly after two full days, I felt as though I had accomplished what I needed. It is important you utilize your time the first two days.


All in all, I was very pleased with my first experience. I will definitely go back and found it beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Seeing overall market trends
  • Cultivating vendor connections
  • Making new boutique owner friends
  • Becoming energized for the upcoming season

For anyone interested in going to market or opening there own business, please reach out! I would love to share the knowledge!

How to create an Insta-Worthy Charcuterie Board for less than $40

How to create an Insta-Worthy Charcuterie Board for less than $40

What is the fuss all about with Charcuterie Boards these days? How hard can it be to throw some meat and cheese on a wooden board?

The Charcuterie Board is the ultimate eye-candy appetizer- for the hostess wanting to impress, for the woman that hates to cook, or just for a meat and cheese lover. The Charcuterie Board will be a crowd pleaser.

Well if you have ever tried to make your own Instagram worthy board, you get stuck somewhere between the $100 grocery bill for an appetizer plate and the mangled mess of cheeses.

First things first, you must go to the grocery store with a game plan. Not just any grocery store will suffice, Aldi is the place you can buy all the delicacies you need for nearly one-third of the price! To help you with this game plan, I have made a grocery check list!

In my personal opinion, the MUST-HAVES are the flavored goat cheese logs. My favorite being the blueberry-vanilla from Aldi, is amazing with crackers or fruit. I personally like to add a round of Brie cheese to add another shape to to draw the eye. Then add some precut cheese or another block and you are all set!

As far as meat, prosciutto and salami are always a crowd pleasers. But more importantly, learn how to fold that meat! That is right… I said “fold that meat”. To make a board more visually appealing, display the meats in different ways- layer it in straight line, layer it in curves around other items. Look at the picture above to see the different ways I have displayed meats and cheeses.

Now comes the most important part, the filler space in between the meats and cheeses. In my opinion, the most beautiful boards are one that are chaotically full of colors and all the foods mixed together on one board. First, I always start with crackers. I buy the assorted packs and layer some on the edge of the board and random places throughout. Then I add color by adding grapes, dried fruits, nut mixes. I will also add small jars of jams and olives, leaving as little dead space as possible.

This is a “Picnic Charcuterie Board”. I put this together in less than 5 minutes. It includes different types of foods including salad in a jar, brownies, buffalo chicken dip- ALL of my husbands FAVS

Once the board is full, now you can just add the serving utensils. Lots of little knives for cheese and little forks and spoons will do the trick!

Honestly, one of the best things you can do starting off is to find several boards for inspiration and when you start to make your board, just be a copy cat. Once you have done this a time or two you will get the hang of it. Happy Charcutering!

4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Email. Phone. Meeting. Phone. Email. Phone… and the cycle continues.

Some days my mind seems to be on carousel that never stops and becomes more discombobulated as the day goes on. I find myself wasting away my life on Instagram and then becoming distracted by endless ads. 

I will never forget the first day I grudgingly downloaded TikTok and wasted 4 hours of my life I will never get back. I was in a wormhole of pure confusion, laughter, and revelation of how much time we waste learning NOTHING.

Now, being an owner of my own small business, productivity and the use of my time is EVERYTHING. I do not believe in the 5 days a week, 8 to 5 arbitrary system that we live by. I believe that productivity can be so much greater when not confined to a box, or what some call a cubicle, where showing dedication seems to be the groundwork of the hierarchy instead of true productivity.

So the past few months I have been learning about what productivity truly entails. Some days I get a big fat F! How is it that I was so busy and never took a “break”, but yet have not produced anything meaningful. As Tim Ferriss states in The 4-Hour Workweek, “Focus on being productive instead of being busy.” Busyness and productivity are NOT the same thing. Here are 4 things I am practicing to become more productive with my business and life in general.

I started by writing down everything I typically need to complete in a week. The list looked like this:

  • Pack Orders
  • Update Inventory on Shopify
  • Take Images of product
  • New Arrivals
  • Instagram Outreach
  • Write Blogs
  • Trend Research
  • Marketing- email, posts, etc

The list goes on. After writing all of my tasks I then separate my tasks into days. For example, instead of spending 30 minutes each date updating Shopify, I allot 1.5 hours on Monday morning. So my next list looks like this:

    • Pack orders 8-9:30AM
    • DMs & Emails 9:30AM-10AM
    • IG BLACKOUT (no phone allowed)- 10AM-12PM, 2PM-4PM, After 7PM
    • Update Shopify
    • Take Studio images
    • Outline all Instagram Posts
    • New Arrival Videos
    • Instagram stories
    • Instagram Outreach

ETC… Notice I put times each day I should not be looking at social media- still a work in progress on that one!

Start each day getting your mind right. Do not instantly check Facebook or emails. Make sure the first information you put in your mind is something purposeful. Personally, I like to spend the first hour of my day reading, journaling, and praying. I cannot tell people enough how life-changing this has been for me. The time in solitude and in praise of something bigger than me puts life in perspective. There is a reason so many successful people have pragmatic morning routines! I know you hear it all the time but if there is one step you can take to get your mind in a place to be productive and focused-a morning routine is IT!

Now THIS is a struggle for me. I feel like my mind is pulled in a million directions nearly every minute. Have you ever drank a Red Bull and then felt like you immediately needed to clean out your car, but then in the middle of doing that you feel the need to go clean out your email inbox, then while doing that you decide it is better to start planning your cousin’s bridal shower. THIS is my mind. Like a pinball bouncing from one idea to another. Hence why Yoga is such a hard workout for me.

I have realized in order to be a successful entrepreneur it is VITAL for me to get this little problem of mine under control. I am in control of my mind, so I must set boundaries. (In the middle of typing that last sentence I got up and fed my dogs…see what I mean?)

So the boundaries I have put in place for myself consist of placing my phone in another room, writing down my schedule in such detail that I do not have leniency to let myself get distracted and to complete X before I start Y.

It is not enough to say I want to grow my business by 50% this year. Well great, but what are the strategies behind that growth? I find writing down small goals keeps me focused on a bigger scale.

For example one of goals is to reach X amount in sales in my first year. Micro goals include:

  • Start a VIP Facebook Group
  • Post 2 reels a month for a year
  • Post 1 blog a week for a year
  • Host 6 private shopping parties
  • Host 4 pop-up shops
  • Develop Palmer Girls Influencer Program

I could keep going, but I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty. From that list I now know what my goals are to put Palmer on the right trajectory to reach the MAIN goal .

It is important to realize that just because something takes you a long time to complete does NOT mean it is effective or productive. Try to accomplish more in your day by eliminating busy work. Have you ever heard of the 80-20 rule- 80% of results come from 20% of time and effort?

If you have thoughts about how to increase productivity or want to just engage in a productive conversation, please reach out!

Comfort and Classic Collide: 3 Trends of 2021

Comfort and Classic Collide: 3 Trends of 2021

This blog was an article written for Lake Lifestyles Magazine located in Lake of the Ozarks.

Just when the fashion industry was leaving leggings, athleisure and comfort in the dust and finally moving on toward a life of denim and classic chic silhouettes, 2020 happened. Many of us did not dare squeeze into a pair of jeans for months and then by October we were dressing up just to run to the grocery store. Any excuse to wear that favorite new jacket we bought way back in March!

As a girl that loves a cute dress or a fancy skirt, I am delighted to say that this year, regardless of staying at home, the world of fashion has stepped up its game. In 2021 you will be seeing a place where comfort and classic fashion collide.

The first trend that is going to be taking over your Instagram feed will be the exaggerated “Power Pant”. We have already seen a shift from tight leggings to relaxed fitting joggers in the past year, but in 2021 it will have a whole new spin. From denim to knits, you will not need to worry about fitting into your skinny jeans because the trendy silhouettes just became a lot bigger. Skinny jeans are out, the exaggerated loose cut is in! This transition away from the form fitting pant is great for both the sedentary woman working from her couch and for the active woman that still does not understand the term “work from home”. This style of pant is easy to wear, allows for a larger range of motion and channels that inner 80’s girl. The “Power Pant” will it bring both comfort and classic to the table.

The second trend to adopt is the oversized classic staple piece. Blazers and white button-down tops that look like they belong in a man’s closet, are exactly the look you should be going for. This is the epitome of the place where comfort and classic style collide. There is nothing more classic than a menswear plaid or tweed blazer. But can we all agree that they are not exactly what we would consider ‘comfortable’? That is where the oversized trend comes into play! The fashion motto of 2021 could possibly be, “The Bigger the Better!”  Pair these exaggerated pieces with a pair of leggings, your favorite tee, and sneakers and this is the ultimate classic and comfortable statement!

Finally, let us talk about extravagant sleeves. As you may have noticed, exaggerated silhouettes are the trend of 2021. It does not stop with pants or blazers, but you will start to notice tops with sharp shoulders and pleated and puffed sleeves.  These overstated sleeves bring a classic feminine feel to the fashion scene. To make this trend comfortable they are presented in knits and sweaters with plenty of room to move. This allows for versatility and comfort in the style. When wearing one of these tops, you will feel elegant and whimsical and like you can sit back and relax all at the same time!

Now, do not worry, lounge and athleisure will still be all over the market this year and will not be disappearing any time soon. However, there is something to be said about stepping up your wardrobe every now and then. I can guarantee that if you throw on a whimsical sweater or an oversized blazer just once a week that you will eventually realize that comfort and style can go hand in hand! Whatever you choose to wear this year, I challenge you to make it something you feel confident in. Just taking five extra minutes a day to put on something special can give you extra confidence walking into the room or showing up to your Zoom call. Make this year the one where you love what you wear, not only because it is comfortable, not only because it make you feel classy, but because when you wear it- you are a confident woman! Find the piece that will make you believe that comfort and classic really can collide!