Comfort and Classic Collide: 3 Trends of 2021

This blog was an article written for Lake Lifestyles Magazine located in Lake of the Ozarks.

Just when the fashion industry was leaving leggings, athleisure and comfort in the dust and finally moving on toward a life of denim and classic chic silhouettes, 2020 happened. Many of us did not dare squeeze into a pair of jeans for months and then by October we were dressing up just to run to the grocery store. Any excuse to wear that favorite new jacket we bought way back in March!

As a girl that loves a cute dress or a fancy skirt, I am delighted to say that this year, regardless of staying at home, the world of fashion has stepped up its game. In 2021 you will be seeing a place where comfort and classic fashion collide.

The first trend that is going to be taking over your Instagram feed will be the exaggerated “Power Pant”. We have already seen a shift from tight leggings to relaxed fitting joggers in the past year, but in 2021 it will have a whole new spin. From denim to knits, you will not need to worry about fitting into your skinny jeans because the trendy silhouettes just became a lot bigger. Skinny jeans are out, the exaggerated loose cut is in! This transition away from the form fitting pant is great for both the sedentary woman working from her couch and for the active woman that still does not understand the term “work from home”. This style of pant is easy to wear, allows for a larger range of motion and channels that inner 80’s girl. The “Power Pant” will it bring both comfort and classic to the table.

The second trend to adopt is the oversized classic staple piece. Blazers and white button-down tops that look like they belong in a man’s closet, are exactly the look you should be going for. This is the epitome of the place where comfort and classic style collide. There is nothing more classic than a menswear plaid or tweed blazer. But can we all agree that they are not exactly what we would consider ‘comfortable’? That is where the oversized trend comes into play! The fashion motto of 2021 could possibly be, “The Bigger the Better!”  Pair these exaggerated pieces with a pair of leggings, your favorite tee, and sneakers and this is the ultimate classic and comfortable statement!

Finally, let us talk about extravagant sleeves. As you may have noticed, exaggerated silhouettes are the trend of 2021. It does not stop with pants or blazers, but you will start to notice tops with sharp shoulders and pleated and puffed sleeves.  These overstated sleeves bring a classic feminine feel to the fashion scene. To make this trend comfortable they are presented in knits and sweaters with plenty of room to move. This allows for versatility and comfort in the style. When wearing one of these tops, you will feel elegant and whimsical and like you can sit back and relax all at the same time!

Now, do not worry, lounge and athleisure will still be all over the market this year and will not be disappearing any time soon. However, there is something to be said about stepping up your wardrobe every now and then. I can guarantee that if you throw on a whimsical sweater or an oversized blazer just once a week that you will eventually realize that comfort and style can go hand in hand! Whatever you choose to wear this year, I challenge you to make it something you feel confident in. Just taking five extra minutes a day to put on something special can give you extra confidence walking into the room or showing up to your Zoom call. Make this year the one where you love what you wear, not only because it is comfortable, not only because it make you feel classy, but because when you wear it- you are a confident woman! Find the piece that will make you believe that comfort and classic really can collide!

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