3 Ways to live Intentionally in 2021

3 Ways to live Intentionally in 2021

Do you ever catch yourself jumping from app to app, clicking on Instagram or Facebook without intentionally meaning to do so? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. In the world of a constant buzz and chatter of news, social media, and unlimited information it is nearly impossible to not drown in the chaos.

What if it were POSSIBLE? What if I told you it is possible to live your life with intention and find more fulfillment and MORE time. Yes, it is possible. It takes dedication. It takes consistency. It takes INTENTION.

In six months I have shifted my life from just going through the motions to survive to now waking up nearly every day ready to take on the tasks and do it with PURPOSE. (Notice I say nearly every day… I am a hormonal woman after all). I am going to share with you 3 steps that you can adopt and not look back in a year or 10 years and wonder what you did with all your time.

As a former personal trainer, time and time again I heard the words “I just don’t have time to workout.” I have empathy for the mothers just trying to survive and working full-time. Maybe if staying active is TRULY a priority this looks like a 10 minute walk around the block with your children, but I digress. The truth is, you have time for whatever you want to prioritize. When I commuted 3 hours a day (YES- 3 hours spent sitting in my car), I made it a priority to get a workout in MOST days. This meant my alarm waking me up at 4AM. Did I love getting my butt out of bed at a time most would consider the middle of the night… NO! Was it a priority to feel better all day long. YES!

In order to spend more time doing things you consider a priority or that are important to you, start by looking at your calendar this week. What is taking up most of your time? Is it a priority of yours to read more or learn how to cook better, but you “do not have the time”? A serious question to ask yourself is- “Do I spend time mindlessly scrolling on my phone?” or “Do I waste several hours ‘relaxing’ watching Netflix”. If the answer is yes then challenge yourself to schedule the extra 15 to 20 minutes it will take to read a chapter of a book or watch a YouTube video on the proper way to bake salmon. Every day, even if it is 10 minutes, counts!

Start small. It can be as simple as putting your phone in your purse for the whole dinner and fully engaging in conversation. It can be to focus on fueling your body with food it will thrive on. It can be reading 10 pages of something you enjoy before bed rather than scrolling on social media. Write it down. Make it a goal for one week and most likely you will start to notice a difference in mindset and it will be the catalyst to intention in many other areas of your life.

Nearly daily I find myself “doing” instead of “being”. I find myself checking off my to-do list of never-ending tasks, but for what purpose?

Did I engage in genuine conversation with someone today?

Did I add value to those around me?

Did I take a step to achieve goals I have set?

If the answer is no, then I am just “doing”. I am filling my time and going through the motions. I am not living for purpose and intention. I am just existing. I want to stop reacting to life and start having a plan to wake up every morning and find meaning in the mundane. Reflect on these questions and try to BE instead of DO.

My hope for all of those in my life is that they can find purpose and fulfillment. That their attention is shifted to INTENTION. To intentionally love and serve others.

Giving Up Unrealistic Expectations: Living a Life Less About YOU!

Giving Up Unrealistic Expectations: Living a Life Less About YOU!

I have faced so many seasons in my faith. Ones of incredible growth and seasons that show examples of a fallen world saved by grace. We all go through seasons in life, but I have realized ,more than ever, I want my seasons to continually make my faith stronger in the turbulence and in the days of joy.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. A town where you were always found at church on Sunday and the old ladies were gossiping about how  “Linda” had a bottle of wine in her shopping cart on Friday evening. I always enjoyed going to church growing up and I knew I wanted it to be something I prioritized for the rest of my life. 

Even in the moments I have pulled away and rejected God, I have always known pursuing HIM is where true joy is found. BUT when you are surmounted under the pressures of legalistic views and rules of a religion, the consequences of living to meet the expectations of a religion can be detrimental to your salvation.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a type A person. (Enneagram 3 anyone?!) I LOVE lists and even more so love checking off those boxes and feeling like I have really accomplished something. So, when you combine legalistic religious guidelines and a Type A personality … problems can arise and arise quickly.

Do Better. Do MORE. BE everything, to everyone, EVERY day! – These are the unrealistic expectations us Enneagram 3 people place in our lives.

A little over a year ago, I was faced with losing a pregnancy and it rocked my world more than I had imagined. During this trial, I found myself leaning on God. Constantly praying, waking up at 5am to read my bible, listening to sermons on my commute. I was checking all of my boxes wasn’t I?

I was doing ALL the things my religion had told me to do, yet felt like I was coming up short. Why didn’t I have peace in my circumstance? Why was I still physically suffering? Why was there tension in my marriage? Why did I feel SO alone? What else can I put on my “to-do list” to be good enough for God?

I slowly started to feel overwhelmed in my faith. Feelings of inadequacy or thinking if I miss a day or slip up that puts me lower on God’s “list”. I would cry on my way to work and think “GOD how can I possibly keep trying to be perfect for you?!”

You may be reading this and thinking how sad it is that someone would view God in such a way. It is sad, but it is true and I know I cannot be the only one facing these difficulties.

The problem is, when we view God in such legalistic ways that can never be obtained, the enemy has a way of slipping in and making us think, “I will never be good enough.” “God just doesn’t want me to have fun or be happy.” “No one understands me.” “Does being a Christian mean accepting a life of mediocrity?”… the list goes on. The enemy paints a picture on the other side that is more exciting and will bring “happiness.” 

Unfortunately for me, I was trying to be so perfect for my religion and had no true picture of Jesus.  I fell down a spiraling rabbit hole of toxic thoughts. These thoughts did not only affect me and my life, but all of those around me. My husband, family, and friends could see me turning from a woman pursuing a life of faith into a woman that became self-centered and living by the ideologies of the world we live in. One where happiness is only temporary.

This season of my life is not one I am proud of, but I share it to say that by the mercy of God I found true hope. I found my salvation. This has not been through reading my bible more or attending church. I FOUND his grace. I found it by hitting a breaking point and having no where else to turn. I opened my heart slowly to Jesus. Not my religion, but my savior. For the first time in my life I had a better picture of who JESUS is. I have always believed in GOD, but never understood Christ.

This did not happen overnight. This happened because I was surrounded by people of faith that spoke words of truth into me. It had NOTHING to do with my own strength and ability. 

I didn’t understand the full picture – that because of Christ, we are forgiven for our past sins, current sins and future sins. I didn’t understand that I will NEVER be enough, BUT he is. I didn’t understand that he DIED for US, so that I do not have to live the life I truly deserve. I didn’t understand that GOD is one of true love.

When I understood all of this, I gave up my religion and found a savior..

The problem with religion and legalism is that our faith becomes way more about ME, than it does about Jesus. 

I have learned that my faith is not about pursuing a self-betterment, but giving up my life for a deep relationship with my savior.

I still struggle. I struggle with doubts creeping in. I struggle with wondering if I can ever be enough. I struggle with feeling like I don’t deserve this life full of so much grace and mercy. I struggle with shame and guilt. I have days I get off track. I do things I am not proud of. I need grace every.single.day!

BUT, when I focus on praising God and trying to make every day more about him- I can feel my life not only CHANGING one day at a time, but becoming entirely NEW.

I cannot be perfect. I will never be enough. But I serve a God that is. 

Building a Community

Building a Community

In the past year we have become quite familiar with words like quarantine, social distancing, Zoom meetings and face masks. We can probably all agree that it has become more apparent than ever how important having a community of friends really is.

As women, it is so vital for us to surround ourselves with other women that help us grow and that become our biggest cheerleaders, but also accountability partners. Why do you think group fitness classes are more popular among women? We NEED the positivity and accountability.

We need women that speak life into our dreams and yet tell us when we are losing sight of perspective. We need women that encourage us to rise to the top and yet remind us to stay humble. We need women that we can grow in our faith with and yet maybe have a glass of wine with too😊

How do we find this community?

Prayer. I prayed for many years for God to place the right people in my life. People that were followers of Christ. Even when I have veered off the path of my faith (which I will be the first to admit, I have!), it has never been more apparent that God perfectly placed people in my life. These women prayed for me when I was lost, loved me when I was down and accepted me regardless of my iniquities. He continues to place friendships in my life that I am undeserving of, but thankful for.

Vulnerability and Openness. I believe that showing vulnerabilities is the biggest way for women to connect. It makes you relatable and approachable. I am not saying you need to share all your deepest darkest secrets, but we all have insecurities. When you can share those with another woman that is when some of the deepest connections are made. Maybe being vulnerable is out of your comfort zone, but I encourage every woman to let down your guard and be your authentic self. If you can do this then you will  see your community start to flourish and grow with the kind of friends you have been searching for.

Friendships can be hard. People make mistakes. I have not been anywhere close to the perfect friend and I know I can continue to be a better friend in many ways. But, that is part of life- continuing to grow in all aspects.

I hope not only to grow a community of women that want to flourish in person, but through the platforms of social media.

Please reach out if you are looking for a community of women to help you grow and prosper😊

Thriving in Your Circumstances

Thriving in Your Circumstances

It is easy to say “happiness is a choice” when you are thriving. Whether it be at work, in relationships, in finances, it is easy to choose happy. But, what about when your world is being shaken and shattered, does happiness really feel like a choice?

 I am sure these past 10 months the “new normal” that COVID has undoubtedly caused, has completely rocked many of your world’s in unanticipated ways. I will be the first to admit this past year has been the hardest of my life. Many days happiness and joy did not feel like a choice. In the midst of businesses closing, marriage struggles, deaths, riots and the obscure chaos that we are all facing I have realized ONE thing. Having joy and finding happiness in the struggle is a choice.

By this what I really mean is your thoughts are a choice. What you choose to dwell on everyday IS a choice.

We all must figure out how to USE life instead of letting it use us. It is so much harder than it sounds, I know, but life is truly too short to live in a state of constant suffering. While we should acknowledge suffering and take time to grieve real losses, it is important that we start focusing on what we can control and all the things we are grateful for. Because when we are grateful, being bitter and hostile at the life around us becomes a lot tougher.

Some days I am not the most positive ray of sunshine when I get out of bed (just ask my husband), but something I have made a habit of the past 4 months is a “gratitude journal”. Easy enough right? Maybe you feel at this point in your life this seems impossible, because what do you possibly have to be thankful for? Do you have eyes to read this with- yes? Do you have access to the internet and therefore this blog- yes? Do you know HOW to read- yes? Well looky there! There are 3 simple things to be grateful for!

Instead of writing 3 overarching themes of what I am thankful for- I write 3 specific things from the day before. For example, this morning my 3 points of gratitude were:

  • Support from small businesses and other entrepreneurs
  • Walks with my dogs
  • Working from home on cold or rainy days

Starting my day off like this just sets a tone- “I have so much to be thankful for even on the worst of days!” Therefore, today I choose to be grateful and I choose to be happy.

IF you are going through the tumultuous times right now my intent is NOT to discount how very real and raw that is. There are so many things that women are going through that I cannot even pretend to imagine. My point is to say that life is too short to make it cycle or a place you feel like you cannot escape. My point is to say you are not alone. My point is to say that there is something so much greater than your suffering!

A book that really renewed my outlook is Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen. I would highly recommend every woman to read this book! DISCOVER THE BOOK HERE

In this book, Jennie Allen dives into how Apostle Paul shares that no matter his circumstances he has found a life of being CONTENT. For me this was so hard to understand because I have always thought being content actually meant being complacent. Accepting mediocrity. When in fact, contentment is vital for happiness. It is the opposite of a mediocre life! Now this can be a whole separate discussion, but I want to challenge you today to ask yourself, “Am I WAITING for my circumstances to change to be content?”

So just give gratitude a shot. All you need is paper, a pen and less than 5 minutes and I promise you it might just be the starting point to a life full of joy you did not even know was possible!



There is something fun and cozy about oversized pieces that will swallow you up. This year ,not only are oversized sweaters still on the market, but blazers and jackets are a must-have! A new spin on the “trucker jacket” means that denim doesn’t get all the fun this year. You will find the trucker jacket style with large pockets in an array of fabrics and prints from houndstooth to snakeskin. Don’t believe us? Check out these adorable oversized jackets:

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The real key to making these oversized pieces look effortless yet put together is what you pair them with. You may be avoiding the oversized trend because you think it looks messy, but it doesn’t have to! If you feel this way our tip is to start by pairing them with a sleek and simple look underneath. Wear a pair of your favorite high-waisted denim with a plain ribbed tank and throw the oversized jacket on top. Keep it simple and let the jacket do all the work!

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FEAR: Is It Holding You Back?

FEAR: Is It Holding You Back?

Fear of failure. Something we will all face at some point in our lives. Fear of failure is almost certain, but should we let it debilitate us?

The fear of failure is something I have been faced with often these days. Starting my own company, I have such high expectations of what I should be doing, how I should be succeeding, and the biggest enemy of all- “what will other people think if I fail?”.

I genuinely believe the fear of failure is the main reason many of us do not follow through with our dreams and seem to stay living right in our comfort zones. Because if we stay right where we are then we have less chance of failing, therefore a much smaller chance to let others down and lose our pride. But what are we really gaining by avoiding the risks that you must take to do anything great?

Personally, I have let fear control me and my decisions. The fear of starting a business. For nearly 10 years now I have gone back and forth on opening an online boutique. I know I am fully capable of doing it, but fears start eating at me. “It’s a saturated market.” “You don’t have a catchy name.” “People will think you are stupid.” “Everyone and their brother has tried this.”

It took a breaking point in my personal life to stand up to my fear and decide it no longer owned me. It was not through my own strength I could do this, but through prayer and turning to my faith. I lay in bed at night and wonder if I can truly be a successful business owner? Am I just kidding myself to think that I have what it takes to build something worthwhile?

The thoughts of fear always have a way of creeping in, but it is how we face them that is important. When I feel these thoughts arising lately, I have turned to prayer. I feel a peace that the path I am pursuing is right where I am supposed to be. Even if that path ends in failure, I know that the growth I am cultivating will be invaluable to my strength and future success.

So my wish to all of the women reading this… is that if you have had something set on your heart or a dream you have wanted to take on, know that it is never too late. Life is too short to let fear control you. It WILL be scary, but that is part of the fun. Look back in 20 years and know the ride may have been wild, but you will never wonder “what if…”!

FEAR. You don’t own me.

And it doesn’t have to own you either.

Timeless Textures: Fall styles that leave you wanting more!

Timeless Textures: Fall styles that leave you wanting more!

Texture.Texture.Texture. This season is all about that hand-feel. You know, those pieces you can’t help but touch in the store when you pass by? From jackets to pants, faux leather, suede, & Sherpa statement pieces are sure to be all over your Instagram feed this Fall season. If you are not quite sure how to add these styles into your wardrobe, start with a jacket. One of our favorite styles is a moto jacket with zippers in either leather or suede. You can keep the rest of your outfit simple and let our Python Print Faux Suede Jacket make a statement of it’s own!


If you are a little more on the daring side and want a true statement piece, try a skirt or even a pant. Our Rory Faux Leather Skirt is the perfect statement piece. It is simple yet eye-catching. Pair it with a sweater or graphic tee.

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When it comes to suede, it is always a fabric of the Fall that you cannot go wrong with! You will find suede in nearly every silhouette and you can never have too much of it. Suede styles are so effortless because they pair nicely with nearly every fabric. You can pair a suede skirt with a simple satin cowl neck. Pair a suede jacket with your favorite pair of denim. Pair suede with plaids. Pair suede with animal prints. The world of suede is your oyster!

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While suede is the fabric of the season, take it a step further and you’ll find corduroy around every corner. Our favorite piece is the Fitz Corduroy Shirt Dress. This style is so effortless and you cant look at it without wanting to touch!

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Try adding any of these pieces to your wardrobe and I promise you will not regret it!

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For a Greater Purpose: The Passion Behind Palmer Place

For a Greater Purpose: The Passion Behind Palmer Place

2020. Where do we even begin? It certainly has been a year that has tested our faith and challenged our beliefs. Out of hardships and struggles inevitably fruits are produced. If those fruits are bitter or sweet is completely dependent on how we handle the trials.

This past year has been one of complete chaos, grief, and tumultuous times. We have all witnessed this turmoil generate hate and rage, but hopefully in our own personal lives we have transformed the chaos into a place of growth and a desire to foster community and center our lives around a greater purpose.

This year I hit rock bottom. I had a life that was burning down around me and a world spinning further and further out of my control. My mind was becoming a breeding ground for negative and self-idolatrous thoughts as I was letting the enemy put a wedge in all of the valuable relationships I had worked my whole life to nourish. It was TIME FOR A CHANGE. THIS is how Palmer Place was created.

Yes, my biggest ambition and aspiration was cultivated from brokenness and emptiness. It is my belief that your life altering dream can come from this place too. It is CHOOSING today to pivot in that direction. You can do that by creating a life that is for something bigger and better than yourself.

I am sharing this not only for the world to know the WHY behind Palmer, but to have this vision in writing. On the inevitable days that I lose sight of the vision and when I feel discouraged and beaten down I will need to be reminded of my WHY. For the moments I fall victim to comparison, these are the times I will need to read this and be reminded of how passion is the very reason Palmer Place exists.

Passion for women to find their place and peace in the world. Passion to build a community of women who genuinely want to help and grow others. Passion to be vulnerable in my neediness for something bigger than this world has to offer. Passion to ENCOURAGE & EMPOWER women on a deeper level. Passion to share my belief that we are all here for a greater purpose and that life is too short not to live life fervently in this fulfillment and joy.

So you may be asking “Isn’t Palmer Place just a store that sells clothes?” YES. EXACTLY! This is the amazing part about life. You can start truly living right where YOU are. If you are a nurse, an accountant, or staying at home, it does NOT matter. You can build a community that surrounds you and that promotes a life that is full of positivity and joy too!

It is important for me to express how VERY human I am. In the inner most parts of who I am, I want to fully serve Jesus. BUT time and time again I get caught up in this world and probably more important to note- I get caught up in serving myself instead of serving God. Then time and time again I find out how crummy of a god I truly am. On my own, I am NOT enough.

I tell you all of this just to point out that I am yearning to create and embolden a community of women not because I think I have it all figured out, but because I am in NEED of a community. I need a community of women that builds each other up, speaks truth into life, shares light in dark moments and ultimately knows that there is a deeper meaning than the clothes we wear and the likes on Instagram. I NEED more! And if I were guessing, you probably do too!

So here we are. This is my hope for Palmer Place.

  • I hope to encourage women every single day
  • I hope to promote a life that can be fulfilling in all circumstances
  • I hope to help women reach for their goals even when they feel they have failed
  • I hope to bring light to women in their darkest moments
  • I hope to share with women that they are NOT ALONE
  • I hope to spread love and kindness when we are surrounded by the contrary
  • I hope to make my life less about me and point to a bigger picture of joy
  • I hope Palmer Place never loses sight of this vision

So, women around the world, let us unite and promote a life that is worth living! Are you with me?