For a Greater Purpose: The Passion Behind Palmer Place

2020. Where do we even begin? It certainly has been a year that has tested our faith and challenged our beliefs. Out of hardships and struggles inevitably fruits are produced. If those fruits are bitter or sweet is completely dependent on how we handle the trials.

This past year has been one of complete chaos, grief, and tumultuous times. We have all witnessed this turmoil generate hate and rage, but hopefully in our own personal lives we have transformed the chaos into a place of growth and a desire to foster community and center our lives around a greater purpose.

This year I hit rock bottom. I had a life that was burning down around me and a world spinning further and further out of my control. My mind was becoming a breeding ground for negative and self-idolatrous thoughts as I was letting the enemy put a wedge in all of the valuable relationships I had worked my whole life to nourish. It was TIME FOR A CHANGE. THIS is how Palmer Place was created.

Yes, my biggest ambition and aspiration was cultivated from brokenness and emptiness. It is my belief that your life altering dream can come from this place too. It is CHOOSING today to pivot in that direction. You can do that by creating a life that is for something bigger and better than yourself.

I am sharing this not only for the world to know the WHY behind Palmer, but to have this vision in writing. On the inevitable days that I lose sight of the vision and when I feel discouraged and beaten down I will need to be reminded of my WHY. For the moments I fall victim to comparison, these are the times I will need to read this and be reminded of how passion is the very reason Palmer Place exists.

Passion for women to find their place and peace in the world. Passion to build a community of women who genuinely want to help and grow others. Passion to be vulnerable in my neediness for something bigger than this world has to offer. Passion to ENCOURAGE & EMPOWER women on a deeper level. Passion to share my belief that we are all here for a greater purpose and that life is too short not to live life fervently in this fulfillment and joy.

So you may be asking “Isn’t Palmer Place just a store that sells clothes?” YES. EXACTLY! This is the amazing part about life. You can start truly living right where YOU are. If you are a nurse, an accountant, or staying at home, it does NOT matter. You can build a community that surrounds you and that promotes a life that is full of positivity and joy too!

It is important for me to express how VERY human I am. In the inner most parts of who I am, I want to fully serve Jesus. BUT time and time again I get caught up in this world and probably more important to note- I get caught up in serving myself instead of serving God. Then time and time again I find out how crummy of a god I truly am. On my own, I am NOT enough.

I tell you all of this just to point out that I am yearning to create and embolden a community of women not because I think I have it all figured out, but because I am in NEED of a community. I need a community of women that builds each other up, speaks truth into life, shares light in dark moments and ultimately knows that there is a deeper meaning than the clothes we wear and the likes on Instagram. I NEED more! And if I were guessing, you probably do too!

So here we are. This is my hope for Palmer Place.

  • I hope to encourage women every single day
  • I hope to promote a life that can be fulfilling in all circumstances
  • I hope to help women reach for their goals even when they feel they have failed
  • I hope to bring light to women in their darkest moments
  • I hope to share with women that they are NOT ALONE
  • I hope to spread love and kindness when we are surrounded by the contrary
  • I hope to make my life less about me and point to a bigger picture of joy
  • I hope Palmer Place never loses sight of this vision

So, women around the world, let us unite and promote a life that is worth living! Are you with me?

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