Building a Community

In the past year we have become quite familiar with words like quarantine, social distancing, Zoom meetings and face masks. We can probably all agree that it has become more apparent than ever how important having a community of friends really is.

As women, it is so vital for us to surround ourselves with other women that help us grow and that become our biggest cheerleaders, but also accountability partners. Why do you think group fitness classes are more popular among women? We NEED the positivity and accountability.

We need women that speak life into our dreams and yet tell us when we are losing sight of perspective. We need women that encourage us to rise to the top and yet remind us to stay humble. We need women that we can grow in our faith with and yet maybe have a glass of wine with too😊

How do we find this community?

Prayer. I prayed for many years for God to place the right people in my life. People that were followers of Christ. Even when I have veered off the path of my faith (which I will be the first to admit, I have!), it has never been more apparent that God perfectly placed people in my life. These women prayed for me when I was lost, loved me when I was down and accepted me regardless of my iniquities. He continues to place friendships in my life that I am undeserving of, but thankful for.

Vulnerability and Openness. I believe that showing vulnerabilities is the biggest way for women to connect. It makes you relatable and approachable. I am not saying you need to share all your deepest darkest secrets, but we all have insecurities. When you can share those with another woman that is when some of the deepest connections are made. Maybe being vulnerable is out of your comfort zone, but I encourage every woman to let down your guard and be your authentic self. If you can do this then you will  see your community start to flourish and grow with the kind of friends you have been searching for.

Friendships can be hard. People make mistakes. I have not been anywhere close to the perfect friend and I know I can continue to be a better friend in many ways. But, that is part of life- continuing to grow in all aspects.

I hope not only to grow a community of women that want to flourish in person, but through the platforms of social media.

Please reach out if you are looking for a community of women to help you grow and prosper😊

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