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My Experience With the 75 Hard Challenge

Chances are if you spend much time on social media you’ve been hearing the buzz about the whole “75 Hard Challenge”. In a nutshell, the 75 Hard challenge consists of 5 simple, yet not easy, rules. Drink a Gallon of water a dayFollow a diet (of your choice) – ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOLTwo 45 minute workouts…

Metamorphosis: Transformation That is More Than the Physical

This post was written by Victoriah Knarr. Transformation suggests a comprehensive change that has both a definitive and measurable beginning and ending.  When we hear someone has “transformed” his or her life in any way, the expectation is that the work is finished and the lessons learned, while helpful in the moment, will be forgotten. …

Content in All Seasons

Have you ever thought about what a life of being truly content looks and feels like? Somewhere in between refusing to settle for mediocrity and learning to be grateful for what you have, the meaning of contentment can become quite disoriented.

What Being “Healthy” Looks Like to Women

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month, I wanted to bring to light a few healthy habits the women of Palmer find important in their daily routines. There is no cookie cutter explanation on what healthy habits YOU should incorporate, nor is there a one-size-fits-all explanation to pursuing an optimal life . When talking…


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Hi, I’m Sarah Rees. I am the owner and creator of Palmer Place Boutique and Blog. I pursued a career in corporate merchandising and in 2020 pivoted into the online entrepreneur world. Part of my passion includes building a community of women that brings out the light in each other! That is what I hope to cultivate in Palmer Place.

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